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Kwok Ti Hong 郭迪康

Kwok Ti Hong’s biography

Kwok Ti Hong was born in Shantou, Guangdong, and graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He settled in Hong Kong in 1976. He is now the art consultant of Guangdong Lingdong Museum of Arts, the founding director of the Hong Kong Artists Association, the executive director of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association, the vice president and art director of the Chinese Buddhist Painting and Calligraphy Academy. In 2015, he won the "4th World Outstanding Chinese Artist Award".

As a painter proficient in Chinese and Western art as well as an outstanding sculptor, Kwok Ti Hong not only has profound painting skills, but also is good at inclusively connecting art concepts and sculpture techniques with sociology, ethology, and anatomy. His paintings not only inherit the charm of traditional Chinese brush and ink, but also skillfully incorporate elements of Western painting, which are full of the spirit of the times.

Kwok Ti Hong went to Dunhuang three times for exploring and sketching. He got the rich materials for his creation from the Gobi and desert along the way. He has also read a lot of historical materials about the Silk Road and has handily embodied his profound understanding of the Silk Road in his iconic Silk Road series of Chinese ink painting masterpieces, such as the giant painting "The Travel of Silk Road" (2.5x18m),  the pictures of the works are full of spiritual beauty and the customs along the Silk Road are vivid on the paper, which is breathtaking.

Kwok Ti Hong has profound artistic literacy and in-depth observation of life. His sculptures have accurate figures and vivid expressions, and are highly respected. He was entrusted by governments and institutions from many countries to design large-scale sculptures such as Buddha statues and celebrities.

The Maitreya Buddha statue in Thailand's Wanfo Cien Temple (the largest Buddha statue in the world at that time) and more than 100 colorful human statues in Cambodia's Angkor Wat ethnic cultural village are all his classic works. The statues that he has created, such as traditional Chinese culture master Rao Zongyi, Chinese painting and calligraphy masters Liu Haisu, Zhao Shaoang, Shiwan Shanren, Hong Kong philanthropist Zhuang Jingan, mathematician Hua Luogeng, are all really true to life, and highly praised.

In the past few decades, Kwok Ti Hong has held solo exhibitions in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. His works have been collected by national institutions, private art museums and individual collectors such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Thai Imperial Palace, the Angkor Wat Ethnic Culture Village in Cambodia, and the Tianshui Chengji Museum.


Main Exhibitions

 “Stupendous Journey, Magnificent Achievement: Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China - Great Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of National Famous Artists”(2019, China Post)

 “Chinese Painting Exhibition of Kwok Ti Hong and Chan Kai” (2018, Chaoyang Museum, Guangdong)

 “Affection for the Silk Road: Chinese Painting Exhibition of Kwok Ti Hong” (2017, Xi’an Museum)

 “The Silk Road: World Outstanding Chinese Artist - Art Exhibition of Kwok Ti Hong” (2016, Beijing Poly Art Museum)

 “Exhibition of Works by Artists of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan” (2016, Bauhinia Magazine)

 “Chinese Painting Exhibition of Kwok Ti Hong and Chan Kai” (2014, Shenzhen Art Museum)

 “Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return - The Art World of Kwok Ti Hong” (2012, Guangdong Provincial Lingdong Museum of Arts)


Main Publications

World Outstanding Chinese Artist: Stamp Collection of Dr. Kwok Ti Hong (Beijing China Post, 2018)

Kwok Ti Hong’s Affection for the Silk Road (Xi'an Shang Zhen Ji Art Co., Ltd, 2017)

The Silk Road of Kwok Ti Hong (Beijing Poly Art Museum, 2016)

The Art World of Kwok Ti Hong (Guangdong Provincial Lingdong Museum of Arts, 2012)

Sculpture of Kwok Ti Hong (China Arts Publishing Center, 2011)

The Art of Kwok Ti Hong (China Fine Arts Publishing, 2008)

Superb Craftmanship and Great Originality Sculpture by Kwok Ti Hong (Hong Kong Gallery Publishing Limited, 2004)

Sculptures by Kwok Ti Hong (Kai Tat Company, 1988)









「光輝歷程 偉大成就——慶祝中華人民共和國成立70週年全國名家大型書畫展」(2019年,中國郵政)








《世界傑出華人藝術家郭迪康博士郵票專集》(北京中國郵政, 2018年)

《郭迪康之絲路情深》(西安尚真集藝術品有限公司, 2017年)

《郭迪康絲綢之路》(北京保利藝術博物館, 2016年)

《郭迪康之藝術世界》(廣東省嶺東美術館, 2012年)

《郭迪康雕塑集》(中國美術出版社, 2011年)




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