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Chan Kai 陳佳

Chan Kai’s biography

Chan Kai, with pen names as Jiazi and Jiaren, was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong. She settled in Hong Kong in 1979 and is currently a member of the Chinese Women Artists Association, vice chairman of China Gallery Research Institute, senior academician of the Chinese Buddhist Painting and Calligraphy Academy, art consultant of Guangdong Provincial Lingdong Museum of Arts, director of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association and a founding member of the Hong Kong Artists Association.

Chan Kai has learned from Liu Haisu, a master of the Shanghai School. She has made friends and painted together with such hall-level calligraphers and painters as Li Keran, Cheng Shifa, Zhu Qizhan, Guan Liang, Zhao Shaoang, Huang Xuanwu, Li Xiongcai, and is respected. Benefited from her diligent practice in her early years, and the guidance of many famous masters, plus her exploration of poetry creation, Chan Kai’s works not only have a traditional flavor, but also are not bound by tradition. Instead, they are a fusion of ancient and modern China and the West, as well as poetry and painting.

Chan Kai's Chinese ink paintings, through the natural collision and blending of ink and colors, form a variety of layered and textural effects, which are in harmony with the shades and tones of color. They show the gorgeous and changeable natural scenery such as cloud sky, mountains, water light, flowers and birds. They express the throbbing of the soul, detach from the turbulence of the world, and create a unique artistic conception. 

Chan Kai is good at writing new poems and is skilled in expressing delicate and rich emotions. Her paintings are full of bookishness in a dashing and agile manner. The natural fusion of color and ink and the dexterity of brushwork reveal her tenacity to explore the true meaning of art in a familiar way, highlighting the extraordinary beauty of spirituality. Her acrylic works combine the form of Western abstraction with the color composition of Impressionism in the traditional Chinese brush and ink language, integrating with the emotional experience of natural scenery, to form a unique style, which is refreshing.

Chan Kai is also a contemporary lyric poet. Her paintings and poems exude the same temperament, with gentle rhythm but not lacking in eloquence. The poems and paintings not only permeate the beauty of femininity and gracefulness, but also have a masculine and vigorous spirituality. In her works, there is full of artistic conception of poetry in the paintings and there are painting sentiments in the poems.

Chan Kai's paintings have been exhibited in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and other places, and some of her works have been collected by national art galleries, museums and private collectors.

Main Exhibitions

“Stupendous Journey, Magnificent Achievement: Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China - Great Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of National Famous Artists” (2019, China Post)

“Chinese Painting Exhibition of Kwok Ti Hong and Chan Kai” (2018, Chaoyang Museum, Guangdong)

“Chinese Painting Exhibition of Kwok Ti Hong and Chan Kai” (2014, Shenzhen Art Museum)

“Exhibition of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy by Chan Kai” (2012, Guangdong Provincial Lingdong Museum of Arts)

Main Publications

The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China - Limited Edition Commemorative Stamps(Beijing China Philatelic Culture Center, 2019)

Chinese Painting Exhibition of Chan Kai (Chaoyang Museum, Guangdong, 2018)

Chinese Painting Exhibition of Chan Kai (Shenzhen Art Museum, 2014)

Poetry and Paintings by Chan Kai (Chinese Buddhist Painting and Calligraphy Academy, 2009)








「光輝歷程 偉大成就——慶祝中華人民共和國成立70週年全國名家大型書畫展」(2019年,中國郵政)





《中國建國70 週年限量版珍藏紀念郵票》(北京中國集郵文化中心,2019年) 




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